Johnnie the Clown

Biographical Information
Age Ageless
  • Nico's Imaginary Friend
Relatives Undetermined
Middle name None
Physical Description
Species Clown
Gender Male (?)
  • Hair: Turqoise
  • Eyes: Black fading to grey
  • Shell: White with red rings
First Appearance
  • Dwieviel's short strip comic sketch #1
Alignment, IQ and Hobbies
Alignment Neutral
IQ Undetermined
  • None
Other Information
Japanese V.A. None
English V.A. None
Theme Song(s) None
Original Creator Dwieviel

Johnnie the Clown (Koopa) is Nico's "half dead" imaginary friend while Nicholas is in his psychotic mood. Logically, only Nico can see Johnnie in this current situation.

Random InformationEdit

Johnnie is Nico's imaginary friend, so therefore this information may not be accurate or it's fully undetermined. 
Height: About three times as tall as Nico
Weight: Undetermined
Likes: Undetermined
Personality: Quiet, never talks

Design Details: Johnnie is quite a thin. His body is something like Iggy's and he's always seen standing his hands behind his back. There also appears to be blood or some other secretions dripping from his mouth.

His eyes are crossed and fading from black to grey. There's always an enhancement shadow crossing his head.


Dwieviel's short strip comic sketch #1 - Johnnie's official debut. He's seen


standing behind Nico.