Leo L. Koopa 

Biographical Information
Age The second youngest
  • None
Relatives Confirmed relatives are Junior, Cooper and Zachary
Middle name Leonard (?)
Physical Description
Species Koopa
Gender Male
  • Hair: Indigo
  • Eyes: Light blue
  • Shell: Indigo with light blue rings
First Appearance
  • Koopaling Fan Comic #12
Alignment, IQ and Hobbies
Alignment Neutral
IQ 93
  • None
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Sam Skyler
English V.A. Sam Skyler
Theme Song(s) Nope by Sam Skyler ft. Leo (wip)
Original Creator Sam Skyler

Leo L. Koopa is the second fanmade Koopaling by Sam Skyler, but the third one by SamSoppa. Leo was created, because the siblings had "super good" idea for a new Koopaling, which they really wanted to accomplish. They tried to figure out a colour which hadn't been used for a Koopaling yet and pulled out a random hairstyle for him. Leo's name was easy to figure out. There was a show airing on the TV at the moment he was created: The Big Bang Theory. And the protagonist of the series is named Leonard, which sounded good. So Skyler just took Leo. But it's believed that the "L." in Leo's name stands for "Leonard".

Random Information

Leo has a ball-like body, like Noki (also comparable to Ludwig or Morton). His colour theme is indigo and light blue.
Height: 156,3cm (or about 5.1ft)
Weight: 48,8kg (or about 107.5lbs)
Likes: Being alone, joking, having a rest, long walks
Dislikes: Milk, police, light
Personality: Leo is hermit-like and solitary in a nutshell. Despite this, he sometimes might also enjoy the company of others. He likes to lock himself in his room and just be alone in the dark. This is referred to the rumour Leo might have something to do with drugs. But after all, he is the loving type of person, he just never shows his true feelings.

Design Details: There's not much to say about Leo's design. He is a bit chubby and ball-like. He has indigo spiky hair.


Koopaling FanComic #12 - Leo's official debut.


  • "Sometimes I like to lock myslef in my room and wrap up some paper." ~Nicholas "Nico" Koopa INTERVIEW W/ KOOPALINGS (animated video) *This quote can be also referred to the rumour of Leo's tendency to drug use.