Biographical Information
Age Ageless
  • None
Relatives None
Middle name None
Physical Description
Species Koopa
Gender Genderless
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Red
  • Shell: Red with red rings
First Appearance
  • None yet
Alignment, IQ and Hobbies
Alignment Neutral
IQ Undetermined
  • None
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Sam Skyler
English V.A. UroSoppa
Theme Song(s) Himissie (My Immortal by Evanescene reversed and pitched down by -6)
Original Creator Sam Skyler & UroSoppa

Pooper was created as an accident. Sam Skyler and UroSoppa were drawing random stuff, when UroSoppa suddenly drew a long necked, wrinckly, old-lookin Cooper. Then they started to get ideas for these LoNe-characters. Pooper was born.

Random InformationEdit

Pooper looks pretty much like Cooper from the head, but he is more wrinckly and old-looking.
Height: Undetermined
Weight: Undetermined
Likes: Undetermined
Dislikes: Undetermined
Personality: Pooper is rarely seen, so this might mean he likes being alone and doesn't enjoy others' company. But whenever he is seen, most of the time Pooper is sitting next to a closet/wardrobe, looking at the person who enters the room with his mean, creepy look.

Design Details: Pooper looks a lot like Cooper, like said earlier, but his neck is longer and his body is smaller. He's always sitting next to a wardrobe, Pooper has never been seen standing up. His legs are all stubby-like and his hands are always fleeing on the floor.


None yet.


None yet.