Soot Pierce Koopa

Biographical Information
Age The oldest
  • Chimney-John
Relatives Only confirmed relatives are Nicholas and Leo
Middle name Pierce
Physical Description
Species Koopa
Gender Male
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Shell: Brown with orange rings
First Appearance
  • Koopaling Fan Comic #12
Alignment, IQ and Hobbies
Alignment Good
IQ 97
  • None 
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Sam Skyler
English V.A. Sam Skyler
Theme Song(s) Oh look, a chimney! by Sam Skyler ft. Noki (wip)
Original Creator Sam Skyler

Soot Pierce Koopa is the third Koopaling created and owned by Sam Skyler. She got the inspiration of creating him, from the way how her brother was somehow "disturbed" about how there was no brown Koopaling. There was a little bit trouble with trying to figure out the design and the name, but eventually and idea hit the siblings. Soot is the fourth Koopaling by SamSoppa, but third by sam Skyler.

Soot's original name was Noki, which is Finnish and simply translates as soot/dust.

Random Information

Soot is an "age trap", which basically means he looks, sounds and acts/behaves a lot younger than he is.
Height: 144,1cm (or about 4.7ft)
Weight: 26,8kg (or about 59.9lbs)
Likes: Soot/dust, sleeping, Nico's cookings, giraffes, dolphins
Dislikes: Fire, rain, hot places, peas, pineapples
Personality: Soot's personality is hard to describe. He's lazy, but sometimes he has those wild energetic moments, when nothing can stop him. He's caring and likes to spend time with Nico and others.

Design Details: Soot's design has been quite stable all the time. He has always been childish looking. He's wearing a woolly hat and a little bit of brown hair can be seen under it.

His body has that ball type shape, which you can see from Ludwig or Morton.


Koopaling FanComic #12 - Soot's official debut. In the scene he comes out of a chimney (his home) and invites Ludwig for a visit the creepiest way possible.


  • "My lungs are in a great shape, even though I live in a chimney." ~Soot Koopa INTERVIEW W/ KOOPALINGS (wip animated video)
  • "Come..." ~Soot Koopa KOOPALING FANCOMIC #12 (his debut)