The 12 (The Twelve) aka Koopaling Fan Comic #12 as a story version will be written in here.

Please notice, that this is a very random comic. They die, come back alive, do random things, do violent things, use hard language etc.. So please, no complains. The language is mixed English with some Finnish. Translations are in marks (*) at the end of chaptas. For example: "This is the Kakstoistane* comic."

  • Kakstoistane = A Finnish slang word meaning twelve, a name which the creator's use when they're talking about The Twelve.

There are also typos made on purpose. Mostly on the quotes and headlines/topics.
The comic itself is very long (literally at the time it's endless) so the story will be updated the same time as the comic proceeds.

Chapta I - The Sopimus* Contcract

"Mwahahaha..." Ludwig was laughing in a suspicious light. There was a kutistussäde* in the corner. "It's pretty!" He shouted and waved a pencil on a paper. He had drawen ponies, "love ponys". He was obviously very pleased with the result.

Later on, his dad came in and told him to go to eat lunch. "Lunch time, Lud!" Ludwig's dad said happily and raised his thumb from the door. Ludwig grabbed his gigantic dad's leg and went to the kitchen riding on it. On the way to the kitchen, Ludwig's dad stepped on Larry, which died.

In the kitchen Ludwig's mom was waiting and saying: "Wut? I'm Lud's mom!" She's propably mentally ill. Ludwig sat on the table and took forks and knives. He attacked the food: a leek. Also Lemmy and Morton were on the plate. Ludwig stabbed the fork on Lemmy's frontal lobe and ate him. There were all the Koopalings (Except Cooper, Nico, Leo, Zachary or later appearing Junior) in his mouth. He swallowed them all in one piece.

Later again, Ludwig was wearing glasses. He went to his dad and told him: "Hey dad, Imma giant!" Ludwig's eyes popped out of his head and streched looking at his dad from closer up. His dad screams and shows with a shaking hand: "Eek, let's go there..!" No one knows what happened "there", but as seen later, his dad died perhaps in this specific place.

Ludwig was laughing in a suspicious light again. There was a kutistussäde* and his dad's corpse in the corner. He had drawn ponies again. "Tsih is so fucking cool!!" Suddenly he heard a noice. "Wat waz dat?" He asked with a Sonic the Hedgehog costume on. Then he turned into Teletubbie and said: "Skaarii.." Then he went nuts: "Wat das täät vois duu!?*"  The voice does this: a clip from KFC #11 can be seen and Larry gets a slop bottle thrown at him while there is "Watcha Say" by Jason Derulo playing in the background.

more coming soon